ATLAS Energy Services is a versatile company providing turnkey services.

Rehabilitation and Remediation

Due to an aging underground infrastructure, ATLAS provides pipeline and facility:

  • decommissioning, deconstruction and rehabilitation
  • lease and road rehabilitation / de-activation
  • re-seeding, and planting of vegetation
  • erosion control, soil stability, water bars
  • Harmful Alteration Disruption or Destruction (HADD) repairs to water crossings
  • culverts, geotextiles, holding ponds

Mechanical Deconstruction

  • underground tank and utility removal
  • above Ground tear down and removal
  • well abandonments and well head removal assistance

Pipeline Removal and De-Commissioning

  • trenchless line removal
  • nitrogen fill
  • solid state
  • grouting
  • cut & cap
  • water fill
  • pipe bursting

Field Maintenance

ATLAS provides facility services for the following disciplines:

  • planning and scheduling
  • turn-Around
  • change management and preventative maintenance
  • roustabout
  • deconstruction, reclamation, and rehabilitation
  • quality control

Pumping Stations

ATLAS is experienced with the project and management
execution of pump stations:

  • emergency shutdown stations
  • metering
  • booster
  • condensate
  • water
  • bulk, rail, and transfer facilities
  • oil tank storage and terminals
  • water floods
  • blending facilities
  • free water knock-outs
  • lact units
  • CO2 miscible floods